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Helen and I are on a quest insired by this section on Label free’s  How to sew in Japanese series.

The book has been purchased and now we are on the hunt for the right fabric and then we will tackle the decoding of pattern.  Im full of hope that Helen’s scientific and algerbraic mind can cope with it.  A little bit scary for me so I think i will just look at the lovely pictures for a bit longer costhe book is a feast and full of gorgeous patterns.  I will scan a few images and load it on to my flickr.

I received a lovely swatch from jesse in the print swap – great work! 

I also got some cute bunnies from

http://fourwallsdesign.blogspot.com/ – a cool design!


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pin cushionOriginally uploaded by shellsbells2007

Hubby has gone up coast for a couple of days to surf and fetch a new puppy (wait till you see the pics of our new bubba). Serendipitously, the girls were out on play-dates – so I had a long afternoon to do…..well,- did I create domestic serenity? No. Did I finish the numerous unfinished projects hanging around? No.
Instead, I made a little pin world on a thrifted piece of fabric. Twinge of guilt? Yes – after all – surely a day should have more purpose? more value?
I did go for a long walk on the beach this morning, I did do a bit of a clean sweep after that and I did let the girls use my acrylic paint which turned into sunflowers and sharks. Does that redeem me?

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Welcome bloglanders.  Hope you’ve found some good stuff out there – I know that I usually hit gold after a few short minutes surfing – before I know it –  several hours have passed !  I was excited to find the following giveaway.  Thanks to Jodie from RicRac.I love finding a free tutorial but often feel the preassure of trying to customize them a bit – give them my spin.  I found this CD holder at SewmamaSew and turned it into a slightly different folded wallet in Shweshwe fabric – you like? 


Any one else preparing for a craft sale on Valentines Day?  I have one with the girls from my craft group “little gem session” at http://www.webstock.org.nz/. 

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A tutorial freely available just begs to be tried.  It does not take much to drop all other pressing projects to start a new pattern made available to us by the generous ones out there.  I will be adding my own free things as this blog evolves in the spirit of all those who’ve gone before me.

This Pillow case bag was from http://blog.creativekismet.com/ and the little mini pin cushion is from http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/

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