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I took some gifts on the recent visit.  I embroidered the tea towel of the Virgin Mary to add to my sisters very large collection of all things Madonna.  The line art pattern is available on my pattern page.  Feel free to let  me know how you used it.


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Welcome bloglanders.  Hope you’ve found some good stuff out there – I know that I usually hit gold after a few short minutes surfing – before I know it –  several hours have passed !  I was excited to find the following giveaway.  Thanks to Jodie from RicRac.I love finding a free tutorial but often feel the preassure of trying to customize them a bit – give them my spin.  I found this CD holder at SewmamaSew and turned it into a slightly different folded wallet in Shweshwe fabric – you like? 


Any one else preparing for a craft sale on Valentines Day?  I have one with the girls from my craft group “little gem session” at http://www.webstock.org.nz/. 

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The crafty hype about japanese magazines paid off and i just had to get one.  I ordered a “cotton and paint” and got it for myself for Christmas.  It was full of lovely, beutifully styled shots that one can pour over at leisure. Ok, so this sounds really brainless, but I did not anticipate how JAPANESE it would actualy be – well of course it is!! But I would love to be able to read some of the pages and figure out some of the instructions – that might make it a bit worthwhile!  Anyway, I am content to tell myself that it is a great reference and I might even make an object or two.


In that spirit – I am placing a Tissue holder tutorial on the blog – you can see that these instructions are not lost due to translation.

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A tutorial freely available just begs to be tried.  It does not take much to drop all other pressing projects to start a new pattern made available to us by the generous ones out there.  I will be adding my own free things as this blog evolves in the spirit of all those who’ve gone before me.

This Pillow case bag was from http://blog.creativekismet.com/ and the little mini pin cushion is from http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/

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