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Helen and I are on a quest insired by this section on Label free’s  How to sew in Japanese series.

The book has been purchased and now we are on the hunt for the right fabric and then we will tackle the decoding of pattern.  Im full of hope that Helen’s scientific and algerbraic mind can cope with it.  A little bit scary for me so I think i will just look at the lovely pictures for a bit longer costhe book is a feast and full of gorgeous patterns.  I will scan a few images and load it on to my flickr.

I received a lovely swatch from jesse in the print swap – great work! 

I also got some cute bunnies from

http://fourwallsdesign.blogspot.com/ – a cool design!


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So – when the little voices in the head start to get louder i know im getting a bit stressed!  (Does anyone else get little voices reminding you of all you have to do or am i the only psyco?)

I have decided to get a to dolist going!  I’m not really a list person – but for some reason when i have a million things to juggle – the list gets going big time.  This one is in Excel!  its by date and order of priority – impressed? 

I have just been accepted on to a “Return to teaching” course through Massey University- it will run for the next couple of months – so I will be back in the classroom soon.  Not sure how i feel about that yet.  Glad to have got onto the course anyway cos its free!  I have to go away for a week of training and come back to Craft 2.0 the very next day – so feel the need to be prepared.  I have also commited to rewritting some kids church curriculum on an ongoing basis, with total folly i signed up for some swaps – (very excited about the block print fabric swap with jezze )and my sister and I are trying to get our little craft thing off the ground (juggle, juggle).  Just not enough hours in the day at the moment – especially since school holidays start next week……

Can you see my TO DO list is justified?


I have been making some more M and C little hanging softies.  These are scented with rose essential oil – it makes them delicious.

Don’t you just love this colouring in page?  Download it and complete it – its such fun and gets the juices flowing.   After all, when there is a million things to do – i say procrastinate and colour in!

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Little brag

My pin cushion sold almost as soon as I loaded it onto FELT and it has also been featured on cuteable.com.

Now that has made my day (i’m still blushing).

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pin cushionOriginally uploaded by shellsbells2007

Hubby has gone up coast for a couple of days to surf and fetch a new puppy (wait till you see the pics of our new bubba). Serendipitously, the girls were out on play-dates – so I had a long afternoon to do…..well,- did I create domestic serenity? No. Did I finish the numerous unfinished projects hanging around? No.
Instead, I made a little pin world on a thrifted piece of fabric. Twinge of guilt? Yes – after all – surely a day should have more purpose? more value?
I did go for a long walk on the beach this morning, I did do a bit of a clean sweep after that and I did let the girls use my acrylic paint which turned into sunflowers and sharks. Does that redeem me?

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funky freestyle

Kids have a funky, free style of drawing that I love.  They have such an un inhibited way of doing things – I wish I could bottle it and sell it!  My daughter (8) wants me to turn her drawing into a softie – i love that she is designing for me.  I hope I can do it justice and that more will follow.  She is my cheerleader and is often full of praise for what I produce – its great when our kids feel we are the best in the world at something!

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She is made from my special Shweshwe stash of fabric and has ostrich shell beads for hair.  Just leave a comment and away she will fly.

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I signed up for a swap (or three) through swa -bot   and discovered the lovely dotee doll concept.  Magic little dolls flying around the world – being exchanged with happy abandon and connecting together strangers .

My own “gems” made some and I received this lovely one .  So joyous!

I loved making mine so much that I feel like doing a giveaway.  So, I will ship a dotee doll to anywhere in the world.  All you have to do is leave a comment by the end of Monday the 28th and I will do the draw with the “little gems” on Tuesday 29th of Feb.

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