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So – when the little voices in the head start to get louder i know im getting a bit stressed!  (Does anyone else get little voices reminding you of all you have to do or am i the only psyco?)

I have decided to get a to dolist going!  I’m not really a list person – but for some reason when i have a million things to juggle – the list gets going big time.  This one is in Excel!  its by date and order of priority – impressed? 

I have just been accepted on to a “Return to teaching” course through Massey University- it will run for the next couple of months – so I will be back in the classroom soon.  Not sure how i feel about that yet.  Glad to have got onto the course anyway cos its free!  I have to go away for a week of training and come back to Craft 2.0 the very next day – so feel the need to be prepared.  I have also commited to rewritting some kids church curriculum on an ongoing basis, with total folly i signed up for some swaps – (very excited about the block print fabric swap with jezze )and my sister and I are trying to get our little craft thing off the ground (juggle, juggle).  Just not enough hours in the day at the moment – especially since school holidays start next week……

Can you see my TO DO list is justified?


I have been making some more M and C little hanging softies.  These are scented with rose essential oil – it makes them delicious.

Don’t you just love this colouring in page?  Download it and complete it – its such fun and gets the juices flowing.   After all, when there is a million things to do – i say procrastinate and colour in!


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20 years ago but it seems like a moment ago

14 years – 14 years, we have been married allthough we actually have been together longer.  We were childhood sweethearts – Met in High School starting way back in the good ‘ol eighties – He was a rebel, in and out of trouble, bad rep and bad hair days.  I was the sweet young thing (perhaps not very innocent), listening to too much Talking Heads.  We were friends at first – he made me laugh a lot and under all the aggresion was a teddy bear. 

It’s true to say we grew up together, discovered love together, shared joy, pain, sorrow and faith together.  Now, our mutual symbiosis is based on years of knowing each other intimatly – so that he is my right arm, and I am his left. ( but he is the type of man that will still surprise me )

Thank you darling – your still the one.

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