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Helen and I are on a quest insired by this section on Label free’s  How to sew in Japanese series.

The book has been purchased and now we are on the hunt for the right fabric and then we will tackle the decoding of pattern.  Im full of hope that Helen’s scientific and algerbraic mind can cope with it.  A little bit scary for me so I think i will just look at the lovely pictures for a bit longer costhe book is a feast and full of gorgeous patterns.  I will scan a few images and load it on to my flickr.

I received a lovely swatch from jesse in the print swap – great work! 

I also got some cute bunnies from

http://fourwallsdesign.blogspot.com/ – a cool design!


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Pin cushion world – Japanese gardenOriginally uploaded by shellsbells2007Another pin cushion – a little japanese garden. One of my students told me I seemed permanetly Zen like (?????). Its strange how a comment like that makes one ponder about how we are perceived. I feel very un-zen like most of the time – except maybe when Im painting – it seems to be the only time I go into a bit of a zone. When I need that zone time – I have to pop out a little canvas – here is my latest.

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The crafty hype about japanese magazines paid off and i just had to get one.  I ordered a “cotton and paint” and got it for myself for Christmas.  It was full of lovely, beutifully styled shots that one can pour over at leisure. Ok, so this sounds really brainless, but I did not anticipate how JAPANESE it would actualy be – well of course it is!! But I would love to be able to read some of the pages and figure out some of the instructions – that might make it a bit worthwhile!  Anyway, I am content to tell myself that it is a great reference and I might even make an object or two.


In that spirit – I am placing a Tissue holder tutorial on the blog – you can see that these instructions are not lost due to translation.

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