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I am proud to announce my new “felt” shop – Sweet William.  Felt is a online marketplace for all things handmade from New Zealand.  The new shop is a collaboration between my sister, Paula and I.  She lives in AUS and I live here but we love the same things and decided to link up.  We have some great stickers, bookplates, paper packs and prints.  She has her shop on Made it.  The Australian version of “Felt”.

We even have a guest collaboration with Helen from Showyourworkings.  (my fellow gem) We prepared some  stunning paper packs for the craft2.0 market coming up on July 19th – some come find us there!



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The little Gems have been featured on FELT a  New Zealand-based on-line marketplace for handmade goods, designed to enable artists, designers and craftspeople to promote their work and connect with buyers.

Lucy Arnold  is the owner/operator & designer

“I’m interested in the philosophy of handmade enterprises and the cottage industry (the environmental aspect, lifestyle aspect and sociological effects) and the integrity of making a living from producing handmade goods on a small scale. From these interests grew a desire to promote handmade as a consumer’s choice and enable artists, craftspeople and designers to develop their craft into a viable enterprise.”

The Gems and I are 100% behind the same thoughts.  In fact we are having meaningful discussion’s about craftivism at the moment.

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My friend Helen ( a little Gem from my craft group) has such a lovely Babushka doll she is giving away – visit her – don’t be shy – we had such fun with the last draw we want to do it again.

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I signed up for a swap (or three) through swa -bot   and discovered the lovely dotee doll concept.  Magic little dolls flying around the world – being exchanged with happy abandon and connecting together strangers .

My own “gems” made some and I received this lovely one .  So joyous!

I loved making mine so much that I feel like doing a giveaway.  So, I will ship a dotee doll to anywhere in the world.  All you have to do is leave a comment by the end of Monday the 28th and I will do the draw with the “little gems” on Tuesday 29th of Feb.

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Welcome bloglanders.  Hope you’ve found some good stuff out there – I know that I usually hit gold after a few short minutes surfing – before I know it –  several hours have passed !  I was excited to find the following giveaway.  Thanks to Jodie from RicRac.I love finding a free tutorial but often feel the preassure of trying to customize them a bit – give them my spin.  I found this CD holder at SewmamaSew and turned it into a slightly different folded wallet in Shweshwe fabric – you like? 


Any one else preparing for a craft sale on Valentines Day?  I have one with the girls from my craft group “little gem session” at http://www.webstock.org.nz/. 

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A great day was had by all at the last (my last) market of the season.  Our table was bursting with gorgeous sumptuousness.  The crowds were great and my fellow crafters friendly and inspiring.

my favourite table for the day had to be www.cloudofbirdys.blogspot.com

I could have bought everything off her table.  I had to restrict to a few choice Christmas/wedding presents.  I say wedding because we are off to my brothers wedding in Ireland.  It is going to be fantastic.  Will see loads of family , Christmas in London and then New years in Dublin.

My little ring pincushions did really well – and i was flattered by the compliments – its such a high to know that people enjoy what you have made – its a rather emotional thing to see your little babies go off in some one elses hands – but i love it!

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Instead of retiring gracefully after Knack, I decided to go the distance and stay involved in doing Craft2.0 with my fellow gems (from my craft group).  So once again a week or two of mad, midnight crafting – and of course interjecting my time with NEW projects that really did not need to be done – but somehow i could not help myself – im sure others will relate!

I have put off all Christmas preperations untill the final week – all for the sake of craft!

However, I am glad i got on board because it looks like it will be very exciting.

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