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Books gone wild

I have a number of books I am going to set free.  I have been sorting and dusting off the bookshelf and filled a box with books.  The next step was to take them somewhere ( so the box is in the back of my car – it has been since friday!).  However, I discovered the bookcrossing site and fell in love with the idea of releasing books into the wild and seeing who discovers it!   So, if you happen to be in the public loo at the Coastlands mall and you find a book – check inside for a tracking code – it’s bound to be a book I set free!


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My lovely sister is an illustrator and i turned one of her drawings into an embroidered canvas.  See it here.  However, I though that others might want to try it too and it would be great to see the different interpretations.  So give it a go and post a comment with a link to your results – I would enjoy seeing what you come up with.


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