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Im back from a really great trip to see my sister in Melbourne.  We had a fantastic 6 days together and what was anticipated with great excitement is now passed.

Between the two of us we have five girls – and we wanted to take time to do some sisterly things together that can’t always be done with little ones.  However, we had to attempt some days with her two youngest coming along – and that was ok too because I adore my nieces. (Dare I mention the big stinky poo at the very posh patchworkoncentralpark !)

There was an itinerary as long as my arm and in the end we only did a quarter of it – but it was all so lovely that i felt it was definitely quality as opposed to quantity.

Some highlights:

The street art: 

The really fab Brunswick street which was grungy, arty, viby and a sensory overload.

 I got to see Meet me at Mikes where we had a yack with the owner. (was only a tad gushy)

 Don’t you just love this tag outside the shop?

Our goal was to get to the Rose Street Artists Market. It was good, but i was pleased that what we are seeing here at Craft 2.0 is just as good.  The all-day browse revealed lovely paper shops, cafes and gorgeous shop fronts.

We happened upon a fantastic exhibition at The Kick gallery called “maybe we have met before” .  It was actullay closed but the lovely guy there opened it up just for us and our hearts went pitter patter at all the inspired work – especially Catherine Campell’s


My sister took me to the most authentic junk yard I have ever been too off Northcot rd.  It was over run – with old bits and pieces – wrought iron, tubs filled with flowers, crazy vases and big sleepers and old windows.   I could have gone wild! It is only open sporadically and we were fortunate to see that the charming Italian man was there .  He kept praising my sister’s new hair cut.  I found a special piece to add to her collection – a plaster madonna and child.

We crammed in op shops, Camberwell market, a girls night out and extreme crafting sessions.

 {the best stall at the market!}

We had great pastries from the Italian bakeries and great coffee from all over.  A a truly yummy plate of hot chips and beer at St Kilda beach.


oh – and did i mention the three hours we spent at Borders just looking at books?  woowhoo!


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