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Hubby has gone up coast for a couple of days to surf and fetch a new puppy (wait till you see the pics of our new bubba). Serendipitously, the girls were out on play-dates – so I had a long afternoon to do…..well,- did I create domestic serenity? No. Did I finish the numerous unfinished projects hanging around? No.
Instead, I made a little pin world on a thrifted piece of fabric. Twinge of guilt? Yes – after all – surely a day should have more purpose? more value?
I did go for a long walk on the beach this morning, I did do a bit of a clean sweep after that and I did let the girls use my acrylic paint which turned into sunflowers and sharks. Does that redeem me?


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Traditional Cook Islands Quilting111_11972.jpg

I found this book to be a sumptious feast of colour and inspiration.  I had a look through it at the last “craft Hub” meeting and I was so excited to be exposed to a new cultural craft that I knew nothing about.   The art of tivaevae making is unique to the Cook Islands.  Quilt making was introduced by Christian missionaries to the women of these South Pacific islands and they have embraced it, adapted it and turned into such gorgeous, striking pieces, intricatly stitched.   I really find the bold graphic designs so amazing.  I am looking forward to exploring the work more and hopefully meet some Cook Island ladies and see the pieces being created.

A quick glance through the book inspired this embroidery on canvas which I did for my friend Helen to go with her new kitchen revamp.

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My lovely sister is an illustrator and i turned one of her drawings into an embroidered canvas.  See it here.  However, I though that others might want to try it too and it would be great to see the different interpretations.  So give it a go and post a comment with a link to your results – I would enjoy seeing what you come up with.


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