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Ooh – its always fun to do interviews.  It makes one feel special I tell you.  Thank you Jo from thedesignalphabet – she has a gorgeous blog that i will add to my blog roll “tout suit” as not only are Sweet William featured in it – but she is from just down the drag – and I love to support local.  She is a guest writer for Decor8 soon – and i think there might be a giveaway of note!  Well done Jo.


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Helen and I are on a quest insired by this section on Label free’s  How to sew in Japanese series.

The book has been purchased and now we are on the hunt for the right fabric and then we will tackle the decoding of pattern.  Im full of hope that Helen’s scientific and algerbraic mind can cope with it.  A little bit scary for me so I think i will just look at the lovely pictures for a bit longer costhe book is a feast and full of gorgeous patterns.  I will scan a few images and load it on to my flickr.

I received a lovely swatch from jesse in the print swap – great work! 

I also got some cute bunnies from

http://fourwallsdesign.blogspot.com/ – a cool design!

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So – when the little voices in the head start to get louder i know im getting a bit stressed!  (Does anyone else get little voices reminding you of all you have to do or am i the only psyco?)

I have decided to get a to dolist going!  I’m not really a list person – but for some reason when i have a million things to juggle – the list gets going big time.  This one is in Excel!  its by date and order of priority – impressed? 

I have just been accepted on to a “Return to teaching” course through Massey University- it will run for the next couple of months – so I will be back in the classroom soon.  Not sure how i feel about that yet.  Glad to have got onto the course anyway cos its free!  I have to go away for a week of training and come back to Craft 2.0 the very next day – so feel the need to be prepared.  I have also commited to rewritting some kids church curriculum on an ongoing basis, with total folly i signed up for some swaps – (very excited about the block print fabric swap with jezze )and my sister and I are trying to get our little craft thing off the ground (juggle, juggle).  Just not enough hours in the day at the moment – especially since school holidays start next week……

Can you see my TO DO list is justified?


I have been making some more M and C little hanging softies.  These are scented with rose essential oil – it makes them delicious.

Don’t you just love this colouring in page?  Download it and complete it – its such fun and gets the juices flowing.   After all, when there is a million things to do – i say procrastinate and colour in!

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I am proud to announce my new “felt” shop – Sweet William.  Felt is a online marketplace for all things handmade from New Zealand.  The new shop is a collaboration between my sister, Paula and I.  She lives in AUS and I live here but we love the same things and decided to link up.  We have some great stickers, bookplates, paper packs and prints.  She has her shop on Made it.  The Australian version of “Felt”.

We even have a guest collaboration with Helen from Showyourworkings.  (my fellow gem) We prepared some  stunning paper packs for the craft2.0 market coming up on July 19th – some come find us there!


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I took some gifts on the recent visit.  I embroidered the tea towel of the Virgin Mary to add to my sisters very large collection of all things Madonna.  The line art pattern is available on my pattern page.  Feel free to let  me know how you used it.

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Well the girls and I had a great holiday together (only one or two melt downs, mostly by me).  We did not go away – just spent some lovely time together.  The house was allowed to get messier (well, that’s the story anyway) and who though hanging out in your pj’s most of the day could cause such delirium for little schoolies. 

I found a nice biscuit recipe for jam dotted shortbread and we did some silly baking.

{very yummy}


  +  =

A lovely bunch of flowers made by the girls for me on a cold, rainy day.  I  got the idea from a great subscription http://www.kidscraftweekly.com/

The reason why I tried hard with the girls this holiday was so that I could feel less guilty about being an absent mommy for almost a week starting Thursday.  Why is that you ask?  Well, because  I will be rocking it with my sister in Melbourne, Australia – yeah!  She lives there and i get to visit all on my lonesome, ownsome while the girls stay here with dad.  I am v. excited and will slow this upload down with lots of shots soon.  If you know of a super cool spot to visit there – let me know so i can add it to my to do list.


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Originally uploaded by shellsbells2007

I had an assignment for Craft Hub to make a page for my friend Rachelle’s altered book – her theme is Detritus – which can be defined as accumulated material and debris. At first, I thought I should put a photo of my work space in the book!

I found the weird, organic piece of melted plastic while walking on the beach – I strolled along with the girls and at first we thought the plastic was seaweed.
The moth is bleach and the writing is the music that was playing while I put all together :
Nobody said it was easy,
Nobody said it would be this hard,
Im going back to the start.
The Scientist

My theme is Kitchen Secrets – my book is still being passed around the rest of the group. Will post some when it gets fat and juicy.

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