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Sometimes i get the feeling that the only time i spend in my studio is not making stuff but using the computer.  Checking mail and orders and updating blogs.  So in the interest of refining things and making more creative moments – i am retiring this blog and I will only post to the blog i share with my sister – www.lovelysweetwilliam.blogspot.com

Thanks for stopping by and do come and visit me there!



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Ooh – its always fun to do interviews.  It makes one feel special I tell you.  Thank you Jo from thedesignalphabet – she has a gorgeous blog that i will add to my blog roll “tout suit” as not only are Sweet William featured in it – but she is from just down the drag – and I love to support local.  She is a guest writer for Decor8 soon – and i think there might be a giveaway of note!  Well done Jo.

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Helen and I are on a quest insired by this section on Label free’s  How to sew in Japanese series.

The book has been purchased and now we are on the hunt for the right fabric and then we will tackle the decoding of pattern.  Im full of hope that Helen’s scientific and algerbraic mind can cope with it.  A little bit scary for me so I think i will just look at the lovely pictures for a bit longer costhe book is a feast and full of gorgeous patterns.  I will scan a few images and load it on to my flickr.

I received a lovely swatch from jesse in the print swap – great work! 

I also got some cute bunnies from

http://fourwallsdesign.blogspot.com/ – a cool design!

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